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As a Venture Capital Fund or a Business Angel:

  • You have raised or about closing funding for your next fund
  • Your investment focus is clear, then you have specific expertise
  • Time is vital: you need to speed up the startups selection cycle

And yet you are not sure if the teams of tech people pitching to you are aligned for the  markets. Then you wonder:

  • What if they stuck in development?
  • What if they get lost in the death valley?
  • What if users refuse to adopt those wonderful solutions?

These are among the typical risks that new ventures implies, but far to be easy to solve, they can be properly addressed and tackled with a method. 

We can’t promise to solve all the problems, just like doctors can’t give a survival guarantee to anyone when the problem is life threatening. But expecting the solution comes unmanned, or the body heals itself has little probability to happen.

What we can promise is to apply a proved method of inspecting and supporting teams by combining hard factors, such as technology scouting, meticulous regulatory review and talent profiling with our bespoke soft evaluation, providing a nuanced response that will enable you to decide in which area the team may need the stronger support.

We will make your funders happy and users better off, which is best way to secure your investment. That’s what it’s all about.

Are you ready for a leap in a new ventures review method?