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New Venture

You have worked in the industry, and you spotted an innovations with a lot of potential.

  • You got some funding and you reached a proof of concept.
  • You validated the market-solution fit
  • You are now about to understand how hard is to break into the market 
  • Time is vital: you need to speed up the fundraising for your business survival

You are about to realise that it takes a lot of money, and even bigger amount of time and effort, plus the resolution is a never ending process.

It starts with an attitude, and you need two traits:

  • One is the one most of startup founders have
  • The other rarely someone is capable of bringing to the table at the same time:  kindness and competitiveness Like a smash-through mentality and porcelain polishing mastery. The innovation journey requires you to be the king and pauper at the same time.

Then you need three additional skills in your team (thanks to the Sirolli institute): 

  • Product Development Capability
  • Strong Marketing Know-how
  • Extraordinary Finance Acumen

Did we mention you need to be a great expert, un unrivalled tech wizard plus as calm as a nurse in a nursery home?

If you can put checkmarks on most of the questions hidden between the lines above, then send us your pitches. We might call, or we might not. Either way, push ahead. We’re glad you’re doing that, keep on doing it.

Then keep hustling, the challenge isn’t easy, but only easy things can be done by everyone.