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Why is valuation so important?

Dream Realization through Valuation

Unlock your big dream by realizing the importance of valuation, gaining confidence, safeguarding finances, and enabling company growth.

Key to Confidence in Investor Attraction

Achieve confidence by securing a valuation that accurately reflects your company's effective worth when attracting investors.

Methods Unveiled:

Explore valuation methods like DCF analysis, assessing future cash flow; Comparable Company Analysis (comps), benchmarking against peers; and Multiples valuation, using industry multipliers for performance-based worth estimation.

Answering Your Questions

How do I value my startup?

What are common valuation mistakes to avoid?

Are there free valuation tools available?

Equidam company's valuation

Equidam has established itself as the benchmark for company valuation in the financial market. With its functional and precise tool, your company’s value is now firmly grounded in objective assessment, free from subjective opinions.

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We serve as your experienced guides, providing expert insights in clear, accessible language. Addressing your burning questions about your startup’s true worth and how to bolster that valuation with investors, we offer actionable strategies and proven methods for immediate application.

Delving into the art of startup valuation, you’ll reap tangible benefits such as a compelling presentation for investors, growth protection, and a valuation aligned with your company’s true potential.

Our goal is to empower you with actionable strategies, positioning ourselves as dedicated partners in your journey. In this platform, knowledge is shared, language is clear, and the focus is laser-sharp on both the intricacies of valuation and your startup’s specific needs.

Valuation Expertise & Collaborative Guidance


Navigating startup valuation can seem complex. Let us assist you as experienced partners, offering clear explanations without the jargon.

We’ll explain how strategic valuation can enhance investor appeal, breaking down the complexities into easy steps. You better be armed to achieve a well-negotiated fundraising.

Think of this as a collaborative journey. We prioritize understanding your needs. We support your challenge, ensuring you become capable of discussing it in a tailored way with your specific investors.

How to negotiate your next round?

Will you be engaging in negotiations with angel investors or venture capital firms? How do you uphold the effective value of your company when faced with criticisms or devaluations of your achievements?

Valuation approach meticulously
analyses key strengths


Seasoned part-time founders with top-tier management experience and diverse skill sets, operating cohesively in-house.



Strong connections with strategic advisors, legal experts, and a diverse shareholder base from crowdfunding and incubator/accelerator backgrounds.



Focused local presence with validated demand and a massive $2.1 billion Total Addressable Market, preparing for international expansion.



Minimum Viable Product with positive feedback, high level of interest demonstrated by LOIs, and strategic partnerships in place.



Differentiated position within a fragmented landscape, bolstered by regional IP protection and relatively low barriers to entry.


Get your Equity Valuation to negotiate your round

By thoroughly documenting your business achievements, assets, market value, and brand value, you can significantly enhance your ability to negotiate effectively with investors of any type.


Equidam’s default settings cater to early-stage, fast-growing companies in all industries except banking. The platform’s flexibility, with an Advanced Settings tab, allows adjustments for specific cases like public companies, those with over 200 employees, substantial debt, or over 10 years in business, as well as companies in the real estate sector.

Valuing a holding company with subsidiaries involves two primary approaches. For a cohesive company, the process is straightforward—utilize Equidam’s standard procedure to assess future returns and risks. In a portfolio structure, value each subsidiary independently, and the overall company valuation is the sum of these parts. If the company falls in between, a choice must be made: treat it as a single entity by aggregating revenue projections or as a portfolio by valuing each subsidiary separately. The decision hinges on the interconnection between subsidiaries—whether they are independent, share resources, could be sold separately, or are crucial to each other’s operations.

Equidam, tailored for early-stage, fast-growing companies, doesn’t integrate asset methods. Instead, it focuses on reflecting asset value through the financial projections and doesn’t assess assets separately, as they should be worth more combined, aligning with the nature of well-functioning companies.

Have your 3-year financial projections ready, covering revenues, cost of goods sold, employee and contractor costs, and other operating expenses. The rest of the required information will be collected through a brief multiple-choice questionnaire about your company. No additional preparation is needed if you are already familiar with your business.

Equidam’s valuation methodology is apt for fundraising, selling the company, and intra-partners agreements. However, it is not suitable for tax purposes, 409A valuation/Employee stock options (for which Carta can be referred), and liquidating the company.

Investors may be familiar with our methods, but their practices differ based on professionalism and philosophy. Regardless of methods, entering negotiations with prepared fair valuations allows both parties to openly discuss assumptions and consciously decide how far they want to deviate from their ideal scenarios.

Certainly, Equidam is tailored for valuing established companies.

Equidam, being an automated platform, generates results instantly once the inputs are completed. If you have your financial projections ready, filling in the required information could take as little as 30 minutes, and your report will be generated instantly thereafter.

Equidam specializes in valuation services only. However, we have partners who can assist you with the fundraising aspect, including finding investors.

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