Strategic Links London

Strategic Links London

More than just business


There is a mismatch between investors and new ventures: the former are struggling to find good opportunities to allocate capital, the latter may be not well prepared to deal with investors, in lack of understanding their needs and expectations.

Capital Market rewards a more effective marketing approach:


Streamlining the process to getting investors focused on the correct investment-framework enables startups to boost their success rate. A guidance by experts armed with firsthand industry's knowledge speeds up the process of getting investor-ready.

Reason Why

We operate in the industry and we actively invest in startups while helping them in overcoming challenges while developing a fundraising strategy. We believe the democratisation of healthcare is still possible and tech can improve health & care for a wider population. We achieved strong experience and succeed by a valuable know-how in the industry that's why we want to give-back to innovators so that they can leverage their business.


Capital is just the second relevant success factor for new ventures, but great people with no money rarely can achieve much.